Family Owned


Years ago, when Sara was eight years old, I searched for a fun activity to share with her on our free time and decided to choose knitting!, this was my favorite activity I enjoyed as a kid. The creativity of our craft started to grow. What initially started as a hobby slowly and unconsciously, turned into our realization as many friends liked and wanted to buy our products. 

Even though Sara was only eight, she understood the fun we could have working together. She started helping choosing the right colors, textures, accessories. She helped modeling for our kids catalog. She helped us packing orders during holidays and once she started middle school, she started helping us sorting products from previous seasons to be sent as donations to Third World Countries such as Colombia. Once she started High School, she started helping with social media and now being a Junior, she has been fully committed with all the operation process, learning new things from the business every day.

Today we are a fashion oriented company based in the Pacific Northwest with offices in Utah as well,  providing solutions for the modern woman. We distribute a range of stylish apparel products for every season. 

We understand the need for practicality, affordability, sleek modernity and feminine elegance; we help women achieve all these and more on a really affordable budget. Our products are creatively inspired, uniquely crafted and distinctly designed to reflect your innate style. 

Mostly Mia is not only about style and fashion; it’s also about enriching the lives of underprivileged children through our proceeds. We believe in social responsibility; as someone who came to America from Colombia a less privilege country, I have witnessed firsthand poverty and civil war. 

In partnership with La Cigarra, a nonprofit helping children whose families have been displaced from their homes by illegal armed groups in Colombia.  A portion of the proceeds from every sale we make goes to better the living conditions of this wonderful kids. 

We've teach Sara the importance of helping those in need. She takes this very serious, and now is helping La Cigarra directly as their Social Media Specialist.